About Charlotte Mason, her philosophy and methods

Hilltop's classes function under  the study and understanding of Charlotte Mason, a 19th century educator. She  worked to promote the ideas of the child being a person, and that teachers and parents have great responsibility to present to the child the greatness and goodness of  books, art, music, nature, and all things pertaining to an educated life. ( We would call that today a Liberal Arts Education!)  The foundation of her philosophy rests on the idea that "Education is a Discipline, an Atmosphere, and a Life".  She observed that children learn best when presented with living ideas and allowed to feed on them as they established relationships with the world around them as teachers get out of the way of the student making connections with what they are learning.  That is not to say that parents and teachers have no role!  No, they have a grave responsibility to the child to provide great works and give the child time to absorb and form ideas from them.  To learn more about Charlotte Mason, there are links to web sites and book suggestions below.  There is also a monthly book study of Charlotte Mason own books, The Home Education Series.  To learn more, contact us and we will get back with you.  


Who Was Charlotte Mason


The Home Education Series


Starting Out With Charlotte Mason


Karen Andreola  She was my first "mentor" in the understanding Charlotte Mason.  I am truly indebted to her and her husband.