2021/2022 Curriculum


Morning Core Classes 

             T = Term             F = Form


*American History - 1600-1850

*Science - T1) Mammals,  T2) Astronomy, T3) Ocean Life

*Geography - F1/F2) Around the World, F3/F4) The Orient

*Poetry - T1) Teasdale, T2) Whittier, T3) Frost

*Math/Logic - F1/F2) Mental Math, F3/F4) Logic

*Grammar - F1/F2/F3) Basics,  F4) Composition

*Literature - F1/F2) King of the Golden River, Five Children and It, The Princess and the Goblin, F3/F4) Treasure Island, Swiss Family Robinson,

*Sloyd - F1/F2 -  Architecture - F3/F4

2021/2022 Curriculum

Afternoon Electives 

               T = Term      F = Form


*Nature Study - All forms

*Artist Study - T1) Jan Van Eyck, T2) Sandro Boticelli, T3) Caspar David Friedrick

*Composer - T1) Handel, T2) Children's Classics, T3) Liszt

*Shakespeare - T1) Romeo and Juliet, T3) Hamlet

*Plutarch - F3/F4 -  T2) Solon

Nature Parables - F1/F2

*Art and Handicraft - All Forms

*Folk Songs - T1) - Drinking Gourd, Down By the Bay, T2) - Cruel War, Carol, T3) - Michael Row Your Boat Ashore