Morning Core Classes 

             T = Term             F = Form


American History - 1800-1900

Science -

F1: T1) Insects,  T2) Rocks and Minerals,

T3) Fields and Gardens

F2-4:  T1) Machines, T2) Rocks and Minerals,

T3) Chemistry 

Geography -

F1) Around the World,

F2 -F4) Unites States 

Poetry - T1) Whitman T2) Rosetti T3) Frost

Mental Math - F1 -F 3

Logic - F4

Basic Grammar -F2 -F 3

Composition - F4

Literature -

F1 - F2) Fairy Tales

F3) Early American Lit./McDonald

F4) McDonald

Sloyd- F1 - F2 

Architecture - F3 - F4


Afternoon Electives 

               T = Term      F = Form

Nature Study - All forms

Artist Study - T1) Katsushika T2) Cassatt

T3) Tanner

Composer - T1) Mendelssohn

T2) Schumann T3) Coleridge Taylor

Shakespeare - T1) Hamlet T3) Much Ado About Nothing

Plutarch - F3 - F4 -  T2) Aemilius Paulus

Stories of Rome - F1/F2

Art and Handicraft - All Forms

Folk Songs - All Forms